Facebook Messenger How To See Message Requests

Facebook Messenger is an app that allows you to communicate with your friends on Facebook. You can use it to send messages, photos, and videos. You can also use it to make voice and video calls. One of the features of Facebook Messenger is the ability to see message requests. This allows you to see messages from people who are not your friends on Facebook.

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Here’s how to see message requests in Facebook Messenger: 1. Open the Facebook Messenger app. 2. Tap on the menu button at the top left corner of the screen. 3. Tap on “Messages.” 4. Tap on “Message Requests.” 5. Tap on “See All.” 6. Tap on a message request to view the message.

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Video – Facebook Messenger How To See Message Requests

Now that you know how to see message requests, you can keep your Facebook Messenger inbox organized and avoid missing any important messages.

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