How To Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound

Hey everyone! So a lot of people have been asking how to change the notification sound on Facebook Messenger, so I decided to make a quick tutorial on it! 1. First, open up Facebook Messenger and click on the “settings” wheel in the top right corner. 2. Then, scroll down and click on “Notifications.” 3. From there, you can select which sound you want for your notifications. You can also choose to have vibrations turned on or off.

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4. Once you’ve made your selections, click on “save.” And that’s it! You’ve now changed your Facebook Messenger notification sound.

Video – How To Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound

Now that you know how to change your Facebook Messenger notification sound, go forth and customize your notifications to your heart’s content! You can choose from a variety of sounds, or even set a custom sound if you want. Have fun with it!

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