How To Clear Cache On Google Chrome 2023

Cache is a storage area on your computer where webpages and images you have recently viewed are temporarily stored. When you revisit a website, your browser can use the information from the cache instead of downloading the entire webpage again. This can speed up loading times for websites you visit often. Cache can also take up valuable disk space on your computer. If you want to clear the cache on your Google Chrome browser, follow these steps: 1. Open Chrome and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the window.

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2. Select “Settings” from the menu. 3. Scroll down and select “Advanced”. 4. Under “Privacy and security”, click on “Clear browsing data”. 5. In the “Clear browsing data” window, select the “Cache” checkbox. 6. Click on “Clear data”. 7. Chrome will clear the cache and reload any previously open tabs.

Video – How To Clear Cache On Google Chrome

Frequently Asked Question

How do I clear my cache on Google Chrome?

To clear your cache on Google Chrome:

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1. Open Google Chrome. 2. In the address bar, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and press Enter. 3. In the Clear browser data window, select the check boxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. 4. Click Clear data.

Now that you know how to clear cache on Google Chrome, you can keep your browser running smoothly and quickly. Clearing the cache occasionally can help resolve issues with the browser, and can also free up valuable disk space on your computer.

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