How To Mla Format On Google Docs 2023

Mla formatting is a style of formatting used by academics and students in the humanities. It is one of the two most commonly used citation styles, the other being apa formatting. Mla formatting is typically used in papers written in english and humanities classes. To format your document in mla style using google docs: 1. Open google docs and create a new document. 2. Select “File” > “Page setup.” 3. Under “Paper size,” select “Letter.” 4. Under “Margins,” select “Normal.” 5. Select “Line spacing” and set it to “1.5.” 6. Select “Header” and set it to “Off.” 7. Select “Footer” and set it to “Off.” 8. Select “Title” and set it to “Centered.” 9. Select “Font” and set it to “Times New Roman.”

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10. Select “size” and set it to “12.” 11. Select “paragraph” and set the indentation to “0.” 12. Type your paper title, centered, in all caps. 13. Type your name, centered, below the title. 14. Type the date, centered, below your name. 15. Double-space the entire document. 16. Start your paper with the introduction. 17. When you reach the end of your paper, type “Works Cited” (with no quotation marks), centered, on a new line. 18. Double-space again and type the title of your first source, centered. 19. Underneath the title, type the author’s name, also centered. 20. If there is no author listed, type the title of the source instead, also centered. 21. Double-space again and type the date of publication, followed by the page number(s). 22. Repeat this process for each additional source you list.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is MLA formatting?

MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting is a style guide that dictates how to format academic papers. It is used predominantly in the humanities disciplines, such as English and history.

MLA format is a popular style for academic writing, particularly in the humanities. To create a document in MLA format using Google Docs, follow these steps: 1. Open a new document in Google Docs. 2. Select the “Page Layout” tab and click on the “MLA” style.

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3. Type your paper in the document, using the guidelines for MLA formatting. 4. When you are finished, click on the “File” tab and select “Download as.” 5. Select the format you want to download your document as (PDF, Word, etc.) and click “OK.”

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