How To Double Space In Google Docs 2023

Most people are used to single spacing their documents, which can be fine for shorter pieces. However, for longer pieces, double spacing can make the text easier to read. Here’s how to do it in Google Docs: 1. Open a new Google Docs document or open an existing one. 2. Select the text you want to double space.

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3. Click the “Format” menu and select “Paragraph.” 4. In the “Spacing” section, select “Double.” 5. Click “OK.”

Video – How To Double Space In Google Docs

Frequently Asked Question

How can I double space my document in Google Docs?

To double space your document in Google Docs, highlight the text you want to double space and then select Format > Paragraph > Spacing > Double.

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Now that you know how to double space in Google Docs, you can easily create documents that are easy to read and look professional.

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