How To Make A Youtube Intro

Hey there, welcome to this tutorial on how to make a youtube intro! In this tutorial, we will be using Adobe Premiere Pro to create our intro. Let’s get started! 1. Open up Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project. 2. Next, we need to import our footage. Go to file->import and select the footage you want to use for your intro. 3. After importing your footage, drag it onto the timeline. 4. Now we can start editing our footage. We want to create a intro that is around 10-15 seconds long. To do this, we will need to cut our footage down to size. Start by cutting the beginning and end of the clip.

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5. Next, we want to add some text to our intro. To do this, we will need to create a new composition. Go to file->new->composition. 6. In the composition settings, set the duration to 10-15 seconds and the resolution to 1920×1080. 7. Now we can add our text. Select the text tool and add your text. 8. Once you have added your text, we can start animating it. Select the text layer and go to animation->keyframes->add keyframe.
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9. Move the playhead to where you want the text to start and change the text properties (e.g. font, size, color).

Video – How To Make A Youtube Intro

Now that you know how to make a youtube intro, it’s time to put your skills to the test! Start by creating a new project in your favorite video editing software. Then, import your logo and footage, and start assembling your intro. Be sure to add some text or graphics to introduce your channel, and then use the same techniques you learned earlier to create a cool intro animation. When you’re finished, export your video and upload it to YouTube. Congratulations – you’re now a pro at making youtube intro videos!

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