How To Make Youtube Thumbnails

1. Choose an image The first step is to choose an image that you want to use as your thumbnail. This could be a screenshot of your video, a graphic, or any other image that you think will capture attention. 2. Resize the image The next step is to resize the image to be the correct dimensions for a thumbnail. For YouTube, the ideal size is 1280×720 pixels. However, you can also use other sizes if you want to.

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3. Save the image After you have resized the image, you need to save it as a JPEG or PNG file. 4. Upload the image The final step is to upload the image to YouTube. To do this, open your video and click on the “edit” button. Then, click on “add thumbnail” and select the image that you want to use.

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Video – How To Make Youtube Thumbnails

Now that you know how to make thumbnails for your YouTube videos, it’s time to get started! Creating a thumbnail that accurately represents your video and catches attention is key to a successful video. By following the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create thumbnails that are both effective and eye-catching.

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Good luck and happy thumbnail-making!

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