How To Remove Non Friends From Facebook Messenger 2020

Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but what if you don’t want to see some of those people in your chat list? Whether you’ve added someone by accident or they’ve become annoying, here’s how to remove them from Facebook Messenger. Open Facebook Messenger and click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.

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Scroll down and select “People.” You’ll see a list of all of your Facebook friends who are also your Messenger contacts. To remove someone, click on the three dots to the right of their name and select “Remove from Messenger.” A pop-up will ask you if you’re sure you want to remove them. Click “Remove” and they’ll be gone!

Video – How To Remove Non Friends From Facebook Messenger 2020

Now that you know how to delete non-friends from Facebook Messenger, go ahead and clean up your chat list! This will help keep your conversations organized and make it easier to find the people you actually want to talk to.

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