How To Report Scammer On Facebook Messenger

When you encounter a scammer on Facebook Messenger, there are a few steps you can take to report them. First, open up the conversation with the scammer and locate the “Report” button. It looks like a downward-pointing arrow inside of a triangle. Next, click on the “Report” button. You’ll see a few different options for what you can report:

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-Message is spam -The person is not who they say they are -I think this is phishing -Someone is harassing me Choose the option that best describes what’s happening in your situation, and then click on “Submit.”

Video – How To Report Scammer On Facebook Messenger

Finally, you have reported the scammer to Facebook!

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You should receive a message from Facebook confirming that they have received your report. The scammer’s account will be investigated, and may be suspended or deleted from Facebook. Thank you for helping to keep Facebook safe!

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