How To Request Money On Facebook Messenger Iphone

Facebook Messenger is a free messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. With Messenger, you can easily send messages to your Facebook friends. You can also request money from your friends with Messenger. To request money from a friend with Messenger, open the Messenger app and tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then, tap Payments.

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Next, tap Request money. Enter the amount of money you want to request, and then tap Request. Your friend will receive a notification that you’ve requested money from them. They can then choose to pay you back through Messenger or by another method.

Video – How To Request Money On Facebook Messenger Iphone

Now that you know how to request money on Facebook Messenger iPhone, go ahead and start asking your friends for money they may owe you! Just be sure to remind them that you’re using the new Facebook Messenger payment system, so they know how to pay you back. Thanks for reading!

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