How To See Your Comments On Youtube 2023

Comments are a way for YouTube users to interact with each other and with the videos they watch. Comments can be disabled for a particular video by the video’s owner, or they may be automatically disabled for videos that are age-restricted. To see comments on a YouTube video: 1. Open the video in YouTube. 2. Scroll down to the comments section.

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3. Comments are shown in reverse chronological order, with the most recent comments at the top.

Video – How To See Your Comments On Youtube

Frequently Asked Question

How can I see the comments I left on other people’s YouTube videos?

If you want to see the comments you left on other people’s YouTube videos, you can go to your “History” and click on “Comments.”

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Comments are a great way to engage with other YouTube users and to get feedback on your videos. You can see all the comments on your videos by going to your Video Manager and selecting the “Comments” tab.

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