How Youtube Pays

YouTube Pays is a system that allows content creators to be paid for the videos they create. This system uses advertising to pay out a portion of the money made from ads that are played before, during, or after a creator’s video. The way it usually works is that YouTube will pay 55% of the ad revenue to the content creator, and keep 45% for itself. However, this percentage can vary depending on a number of factors, including the advertiser, the country, and the type of ad.

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Video – How Youtube Pays

So, how does YouTube pay its creators? Advertising is the main way YouTube generates revenue. Advertisers pay YouTube to run their ads, and YouTube shares that revenue with its creators. In addition to advertising, YouTube also offers its creators the opportunity to make money through its YouTube Red subscription service. For creators who choose to participate in YouTube Red, they receive a share of the revenue from subscriptions.

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YouTube also offers other ways for creators to make money, such as through merchandise sales and crowdfunding.

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