Why Am I Locked Out Of Facebook Messenger

There are a few reasons why you may be locked out of Facebook Messenger. One possibility is that you have exceeded the number of times you can try to log in with your incorrect password. After a certain number of incorrect password attempts, your account will be locked for a period of time. Another possibility is that someone has tried to log in to your account from a device that you haven’t used before. Facebook will lock your account for a period of time after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts from devices that you haven’t used before.

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If you believe that your account has been locked by mistake, you can try to unlock it by following the instructions provided by Facebook.

Video – Why Am I Locked Out Of Facebook Messenger

If you’re locked out of Facebook Messenger, there are a few possible reasons. One is that you’ve reached your account limit for messages and need to upgrade to a paid account. Another is that you’ve been blocked by the person you’re trying to message. If neither of those reasons applies to you, you can try resetting your password. To do that, go to the Facebook website and click on the “Forgot your password?” link.

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