Why Can’T I Skip Ads On Youtube Anymore

Since around March of 2017, many people have found that they are no longer able to skip ads on YouTube. This is because YouTube has made changes to their site that now require viewers to watch advertisements before being able to view the video they want. There are a few reasons why YouTube may have made this change. One reason may be that the site is trying to find ways to make more money, as advertisements are a main source of income for the company. Another reason may be that YouTube is hoping that by requiring people to watch ads, they will be more likely to stick around on the site and watch more videos.

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Despite the change, there are still ways to avoid watching ads on YouTube. One way is to use a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, which have extensions available that allow you to skip ads. Another way is to use a different site, such as Vimeo or Dailymotion, which do not require you to watch ads before viewing videos.

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Video – Why Can’T I Skip Ads On Youtube Anymore

Since 2016, Google has been making changes to how YouTube videos are monetized. These changes have made it so that viewers can no longer skip ads on YouTube videos. While this change may seem frustrating, it is actually meant to benefit both viewers and content creators. By making it so that viewers have to watch ads, Google can ensure that content creators are compensated for the content that they create.

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