Why Did Youtube Remove Dislikes

from their Videos” Since the beginning of YouTube, viewers have been able to dislike videos. But recently, this feature has disappeared for many users. This has caused some confusion and frustration, as people can no longer express their dislike for a video. So what happened? Well, it turns out that YouTube removed the dislike button because they found that it was being used to bully creators. A lot of people were disliking videos simply to upset the creator, and that’s not what the dislike button is meant for. YouTube wants to make sure that the dislike button is used only for genuine negative feedback, not bullying.

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So if you’re unhappy with a video, you can now give it a thumbs down instead of a dislike. This will send a clear signal to YouTube that you didn’t like the video, and they can take appropriate action.

Video – Why Did Youtube Remove Dislikes

from its Platform?” Since 2016, YouTube has been removing the ability for viewers to dislike a video. This change was made in order to supposedly increase the quality of discussion on the platform by discouraging negativity. However, many users and creators have voiced their concerns over this change, stating that it removes an important way for viewers to communicate their thoughts on a video. In addition, some creators have reported that their videos are receiving artificially inflated like counts, as people are reluctant to dislike a video when they cannot see the dislike count. While YouTube has not yet announced any plans to change or bring back the dislike button, it is clear that this change is unpopular among many of its users.

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