Why Does Facebook Messenger Show I Have A Message

If you have Facebook Messenger installed on your phone, you may have noticed a small notification at the top of your screen that says “You have a new message.” This notification will persist until you open Messenger and read the new message. But why does Facebook Messenger show this notification? The notification is a way for Facebook to remind you that there is a new message waiting for you in Messenger. It’s an easy way to keep track of new messages without having to constantly open the app.

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If you don’t want to see the “You have a new message” notification, you can disable it in the settings. Just open Messenger and go to Settings > Notifications > New Message Alerts. Toggle the switch off next to “Show New Message Alerts.”

Video – Why Does Facebook Messenger Show I Have A Message

When you open Facebook Messenger, you may see a notification at the top that says “You have 1 new message.” This is telling you that you have a new message in your Facebook Messenger app.

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