Why Does Storyblocks Ask For Youtube Channel

Storyblocks asks for your YouTube channel for a few reasons: 1. To ensure that you are the owner of the channel: Storyblocks wants to make sure that you are the rightful owner of the channel before we add it to our platform. 2. To verify your channel: Storyblocks also verifies that your channel is active and has good viewership before we add it.

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3. To provide you with additional resources: Storyblocks offers its users a variety of resources to help them grow their channels, including video templates, custom thumbnails, and more. By providing your channel to us, you can access all of these resources and more.

Video – Why Does Storyblocks Ask For Youtube Channel

Storyblocks is a marketplace for stock footage, photos, and audio. When you sign up for an account, you’re asked to provide your YouTube channel. Storyblocks uses this information to verify that you’re the owner of the channel and to find your channel’s demographics. Providing your YouTube channel helps Storyblocks understand who its users are and how they’re using the site.

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